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About The Podcast

Lifelong friends and Bondi Rescue’s original Lifeguards, Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins and Rod ‘Box’ Kerr have shared many of life’s adventures and extreme highs and lows over the years. 


The pair are about to expand on their experiences and will launch their new podcast, Life’s A Beach where the loveable larrikins open up to fans like never before – sharing jokes, discussing the good, bad and everything in between in their lives in a candid forum.  Known to their fans as the fun-loving Lifeguards from Bondi Rescue, Life’s A Beach will portray another side to the well-recognised duo, who will share stories and jokes but also tackle everyday issues and open up on their own life challenges as well as conduct interviews with special guests. 


Hoppo and Box have known each other since the age of five, where they met through Sydney’s Junior surf lifesaving club, Bronte Nippers. Box’s surfing prowess led him to taking on the professional surfer circuits while Hoppo worked to establish a highly respected career as a professional Lifeguard at Australia’s Bondi Beach. Hoppo encouraged Box to join him as a Lifeguard and the pair went on to enjoy illustrious, decade-spanning careers.


Hoppo remains the Head Lifeguard at Bondi Beach and continues to feature on Bondi Rescue, but after going through a rough patch, including losing his father to a battle with cancer, Box resigned from the lifeguards due to overwhelming struggles leading to major health issues. During Box’s recovery, Hoppo reached out with the idea to find a way to tell their stories, with the concept that while Life’s A Beach it can also be a bitch.


Life’s A Beach is a family-friendly podcast. Hoppo and Box hope to connect with their special-guests and audience, have a few laughs and share their personal journeys whilst opening all-important, frank discussions that they hope will resonate with their listeners.

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